Weird Diseases With no Cure

Weird Diseases With no Cure

This post might not be having any cool facts like other posts do from our website, but sure it will interest you. This post is about some totally weird diseases with no cure or for which the reason can’t be explained.  This is the part one of this series. People effected by these diseases have only one wish and that wish is to cure the disease. So if you’re not a victim, that sows how lucky you’re. So enjoy your life while you can instead of complaining about everything.

Weird Disease #1 – Aquagenic Urticaria a.k.a. Water Allergy:

This disease will create rashes and hives on your body whenever it comes in contact with water. That’s right, you can’t touch water if you want to stay alive. The rashes and hives are often followed by breathing problems. If the water is slightly hot the effects will be severe on the victim’s body. The hives will appear quicker, the breathing problem will be much difficult etc. In some cases if the victim drinks water the throat will get all swelled up and will increase the breathing issues. The effects will appear even if the victims come in contact with his/her own sweat. The worst part there is no cure for this disease. The victim will have to stay away from the water their entire life if they want to avoid the pain! This disease is sometimes called as an allergy to water.

Weird Disease #2 – Porphyria, a.k.a. The Vampire Disease

Do you know how in the world the vampire stories/legends started? Well if you heard about this disease you might get an idea how this disease contributed to the vampire legends and stories. People who suffer from this disease will have vampire like tooth and they poop purple. Also they cannot be exposed to the sun light as sunlight will create bubbles on their skin because of the burning. Continuous exposure to sun light will worsen the situation and the skin will start to boil. Some scientists say that this is because of some genetic mutation but some say it’s not. And the worst part – It’s a life long disease with symptoms that come and go.

Weird Disease #3 – Cluster Headaches

What do you do if you experience a pain which is worse than giving a birth or broken bone or even amputating you leg without any anesthetic, and that too several times a day? If I were to experience that, I would prefer to be on some kind of drug which help us to endure the pain all the freaking time or something like that so that I don’t have to experience the pain. Well, the Cluster Headaches give you just that. It is one of the most intense pain a human can endure, worse than broken bones, giving child-birth, amputating leg without any anesthetic etc.  And I think you might have already assumed that there is no cure for this disease. But there are medicines for helping us to go through the pain and lessening the frequency of happening it. Another weird thing about this disease is that, the cluster headaches come a precise time of a day on each days, or each week or even each months. Because of this reason, cluster headaches are also known as Alarm Clock Headaches. Cluster head aches affects men more commonly than women. The disease affects only 0.1% of the population though.

Now the next 3 diseases are for the next part in the Weird Diseases Series. But before that let me hear your comments about these diseases. Did you already know these kind of diseases existed? Do you know any victim of these diseases personally? Or do you know any other weirder diseases? Whatever it may be, please comment down below!