1. Sailfish are the fastest fish in the sea – they have been measured doing 109 km per hour.
  2. Killer whales are actually dolphins (delphinius orca).
  3. An adult Pacific giant octopus is about 4 metres long and the largest one recorded weighed 270kg – yet newborns are only the size of a grain of rice.
  4. A single Beaded sea snake carries enough venom to kill 52 people.
  5. Meerkats can dig their own body weight in dirt in a couple of seconds. They also cannot focus on anything further than six metres away, so when they bob their heads they are trying to get the perspective right.
  6. Fruit bats pollinate 70% of the fruit that people eat in Africa.
  7. The acceleration of a chameleon’s tongue is five times faster than an F16 fighter jet.
  8. A Kasanka bat colony can home up to 11 million fruit bats which can consume 6 million kilograms of fruit in one night.
  9. A single male sage grouse may mate with 20 females in 3-4 hours – peaking around the full moon.
  10. Male Vogelkop bower birds spend 9-10 months a year working on their spectacular bachelor pads – the perfect place to entertain and impress the ladies.
  11. A caterpillar can increase its weight 10,000 times in ten days – equivalent to a newborn baby growing to 40,000kg.
  12. Bees fly 88,000 kilometres to produce every pound of honey and their flight is so efficient that they would need to eat only one ounce of honey to fly all the way around the globe.
  13. The Pacific giant octopus doesn’t eat for 6 months while it tends its eggs and once they hatch, she dies.
  14. Bamboo can grow up to 46 cm per day – to a height of over 30 metres in three months.
  15. Small male cuttlefish resort to sneaky tactics in the mating game – even pretending to be female to get in with the ladies.