America is one of the world’s powerhouse nations and its leader is regularly referred to as ‘The Leader of the Free World’ which is a pretty snazzy title to have now isn’t it? Anyway, today I thought we’d touch on some cool facts we’ve found out about America!


  • Until Ronald Reagan was elected into the White House in 1980, all other presidents who were elected in a year that ended with 0 died or they were assassinated whilst serving. Such presidents include Abraham Lincoln (1860) and John F Kennedy (1960).
  • The state of Massachusetts is home to the area of water with the longest name in the United States (You ready for this) and that lake is called Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.
  • The state of Maine is the only state whose name is only one syllable.
  • Technically, there are only 46 states in America. Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania are actually commonwealths.
  • President Taft was the heaviest president to grace the white house, weighing in at 332 pounds at one point. He managed to get stuck in the White House bathtub.
  • Ulyssess S Grant was actually fined twenty dollars for speeding. Speeding with a horse and carriage!
  • Both of James Madisons elected vice-presidents died whilst he was serving in office. Maybe they didn’t like working with him..
  • Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams both died on the same day. They died on the 4th July in 1826. This date was the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
  • The state of Rhode Island is the smallest state in America but it comes with the longest name. Its official name is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

So there you have it, some cool facts about usa that you can tell your friends. America is a place full of crazy things and awesome facts so if you have some more to add to this list tell us below!