• According to Ancient Egyptians, when a pharaoh died, he became Osiris, king of the dead.
  • A pharaoh’s spirit has different parts according to their belief, one of them was called ka. This part was believed to remain with his body even after death. And it was thought that if the corpse did not have proper care, the dead pharaoh would not be able to carry out his new duties as king of the dead. If this happened, the cycle would be broken and disaster would befall Egypt. And this is why they mummify the dead pharaohs.
  • After mummifying the pharaohs, they will be provided with all the stuffs which he would need in his after life. The vessels made of clay, stone, and gold, furniture, food, even doll-like representations of servants are examples for these.
  • The doll-like representations of the servants are known as ushabti.
  • The mummified pharaoh would continue to receive food offerings long after his death.
  • Some times the Egyptians used to build massive tombs instead of pyramids for the safeguard of the dead pharaohs.
  • Until the reign of Thutmose III (ca. 1479-1425 BC) in the New Kingdom, pharaohs were the king’s palace.

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