Respiratory System Facts for Kids

Our respiratory system is made up of many organs that work together, like musicians in a symphony, to make us breathe. Let’s get started with our respiratory system fun factsrespiratory-system

  • Every minute we breathe, we take in 13 pints of air! That is we breathe about 6.15 liters of air every minute.
  • We breathe about 9 to 20 times every minute. Through every breath, we breathe in about half a liter of air.
  • We inhale and exhale air about 22,000 times per day and in the process, transport about 300 cubic feet of air (which is about 8.5 cubic meters of air)!
  • Human breathing mechanism is called tidal breathing, as air comes out the same way it goes in.
  • We exhale about half a liter of water vapor in a whole day.
  • Breathing is initiated by the diaphragm, which is a stretchable muscle under the lungs. When it contracts, the volume of the chest cavity rises and the air pressure drops. That is what enables the high pressure air outside, to enter the lungs and makes them expand like balloons.
  • When the diaphragm expands, lungs are emptied of air and we exhale it outside.
  • When air passes through the nose and into the nasal passage called the windpipe, it gets filtered, moistened and heated.

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