Animal Facts

Animal Facts

The verity of animals and their indistinguishable behaviors have amazed humans from a long time. Some can change colors, some can run very fast, some can even live through nuclear war etc. Here are some of those funny, amazing, interesting and cool facts about animals. Hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing these.

Fact About Cats

  • Did you ever tried move your lower jaws sideways? I hope you have tried it. It’s because humans can do it. But did you know cat’s can’t do it. They can’t move their lower jaws sideways or even grind their teeth.

Fact About Pistol Shrimp

  • You must have seen Hollywood movies in which the Heroes try to break glass roofs using ultrasonic sounds from their specially made gadgets. Well, the Pistol Shrimp can do it without any special gadgets. Pistol Shrimps are one of the loudest creatures in ocean. The sound coming from it is loud enough to break a small glass jar or scare away its predators which often are very large fishes.

Fact About Mosquitoes

  • Did you know mosquitoes inject their saliva while they are drinking your blood? May be you did know that. But did you know that their saliva is not the thing which is responsible for the itching and the bump? Well, when the mosquito saliva enters our body, our immune systems produce some “Histamine” which can bind to the antigens in the mosquito saliva. But this causes the blood vessels near to the bite in our body to swell up causing the pink itchy bump.

Fact About Bees

  • Bees knew earth was round even before Columbus (or for that matter any humans) discovered it.¬† A recent study revealed that bees have the ability to take the roundness of earth into account and use this skill to find their food.

Fact About Elephants

  • Do you know what female elephants are called? Cows, and the male elephants are called bulls. Cows stay pregnant for almost 23 months.

Fact About Dolphins

  • How do you breathe air, manually or automatically? Automatically right? Yeah, human system is designed to take breath automatically. But dolphins can’t do that. They have to be conscious all the time to take breath. So while they sleep, they keep one half of their brain in conscious state while the other half takes rest. Also even in their sleep they come to the surface of water to get air.

So did you enjoy these cool facts about animals? I really hope you did and gained some knowledge about animals. If you know any facts like this about animals, be sure to use the comment system to let us know. We will update this post to include your facts with credits to you! :)