Some cool facts about Teddy Bear

  • Teddy BearTeddy bears are named after president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.
  • On a political trip involving a dispute over the border between Louisiana and Mississippi, Roosevelt went on a side hunting outing in 1903, in Mississippi. Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a helpless black bear cub, which had been chained to a tree for him by his hosts.
  • A man named Morris Michtom and his wife created a pair of stuffed bears to put in their shop window. They were an instant hit. With permission from President Roosevelt, they were given the name “Teddy’s” Bears.
  • The world’s first teddy bear museum, founded by Judy Sparrow, was open from 1984 to 2006 in Petersfield, Hampshire, England.
  • Throughout the twenty-first century, worldwide sales of teddy bears have topped $1 billion.
  • The most expensive recently created bear, is also one made by the Steiff company. It is called The 125 Carat Teddy Bear. The fur is made with raw silk, mohair and real gold threads attached by hand. The eyes are made with 18kt gold imbedded with 20 small diamonds and pupils made of sapphires. The mouth is made of gold, as are the anniversary tag around its neck and the trademark Steiff ear tag. There were only 125 produced in this limited edition of teddy bears.
  • Perhaps the most famous teddy bear is Winnie The Pooh. The original Winnie the Pooh teddy bear was made by the British company Farnell in 1921. After visits to see the then famous live bear in The London Zoo, the bear was renamed Winnie.
  • Teddy bears are a source of comfort and warmth. They are even used by police to help calm children who have been traumatized by accidents and crimes.

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