Japan MapToday we’re going to take a look at some of the stranger inventions to come out of the country, Japan.

  • A bra that has the capability for people to push a button and the bra will start blurting out ‘Welcome to Japan’ in English, Chinese or Korean.
  • A stupidly huge Swiss army knife for gardening. There are the usual things like a shovel, a rake, a trowel amongst various other gardening tools. Unless you’re 10ft tall and you like bad backs, we wouldn’t recommend these things.
  • Ever felt thirsty but couldn’t find a fountain to sip from? Bust out the upside down umbrella that catches and stores raindrops for you whilst on the move.
  • Ever fell asleep on the bus or train and woken up coated in a fresh lining of drool? Don’t worry, with the Subway-Sleeper hat, which is essentially, a hat with a plunger to attach yourself to the wall and a note for fellow passengers to wake you at your stop.
  • Bored of spreading butter the usual way? Make use of the butter Pritt stick! And yes, we mean it.
  • Bored of cleaning? Wear the duster slippers that dust your floor whilst you move! Of course, you can attach this to your crawling baby or cat for extra cleanliness.
  • Got hay fever bad? Want a hat with toilet paper attached on it? You know you do. The Hay Fever hat is essentially a hat with a roll of toilet paper atop it, which just looks…silly.
  • Fed up of watching your wife/girlfriend breastfeed your baby? Simply strap on the ‘Daddy Nurser’ bra, which is full of milk and allows you to nurse your child like a mother does.
  • Feeling forever alone? Rock up to bed with a cuddle pillow complete with a torso and an arm for you to feel loved.

Fed up of being bald? There is a wig-on-a-stick which allows you to bring back the good ol’ days when you had hair.