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Some fun things to do with DRY ICE


Imp: Do not touch dry ice with your naked hand. – Due to its extremely cold temperature (-78.5oC, or -109.3oF), dry ice can cause damage to the skin if handled. Use tongs or insulating gloves when handling dry ice. It is also important when crushing or grinding the solid not to get any of the dust into your eyes. Wear protective goggles. NEVER PLACE dry ice into a closed container such as a soda bottle. The bottle can explode with a loud bang, damaging your eardrums. Loose plastic, such as the bottle cap, may fly off, damaging someone’s eyes.

  • Put a small piece in a small plastic tube, cap it, and then casually walk by someone else’s lab bench and drop it into their waste basket. A minute or two later the tube would explode as the dry ice melted and the gas expanded.
  • Put containers of very hot water on a table & drop a few pieces of dry ice into the container, clouds of white fog are created. The fog is heavy, being carried by the CO2, and will settle to the bottom ground, and can be poured. You can produce enough ground – hugging fog to fill a medium sized room with a pound or so of dry ice. Do not let babies or pets lay on ground while you are doing this. this is not poisonous, but The Oxygen content will be very less on the floor as it is full of CO2.
  • If you add a few drops of regular dish soap to the hot water before adding the dry ice, weird cool looking pile of bubbles will come which you can pop with a finger or a straw & have the fog escape. thats a FUN stuff to watch!
  • Dry ice, being frozen CO2 gas, can be used to carbonate water to create sparkling water. Place some drinking water in a glass, and add some dry ice. Allow it to bubble. Water ice may form around the dry ice. If this happens you can either leave it alone, or break it up with a spoon to help the process along. When all of the dry ice is gone, taste the water that remains. It should taste slightly carbonated.
  • Blow up a balloon and drop it in the dry ice. Wait about 10 minutes then take it out and lay it on the table. Watch the balloon re-inflate as the air inside changes from a liquid to gas.
  • Have your kids pull on an uninflated balloon to feel it stretch. Have a kid stomp on the balloon. Place the balloon in the dry ice for about a minute. Pull it out and put it on the ground and have a kid stomp on it and watch it shatter! Pick up the pieces a couple minutes later and feel that they’ve gone stretchy again. (Then go around finding anything and everything you can freeze! Flowers are especially fun!) .


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