Some Not So Cool Police Brutality Incidents

Police BrutalityThe noble profession of being a police officer is a job that can both change and save lives whilst throwing in a bit of adrenaline from the chasing bad guys and fighting. However, the nobleness doesn’t always reach every officer and some power-hungry officers have taken being power-hungry to a new level. Today we’re going to look at the top ten police brutality incidents that have been shown in the media.

  • A blogger took the to the web to express his outrage at the incompetency of his local police force. Later, they raided his home, seized his and his roommates’ laptop, took his sons out of school and handcuffed his wide. Seems like these officers don’t like things being said.
  • Police shot a teenager in 2006. He was sot eight times by the police despite being unarmed; the police still planted a gun near him to justify the shooting however.
  • A BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) officer pulled a man from a train and as another office knelt on him, another officer for seemingly no reason shot him in the back. The whole event was videoed and caused mass public outrage.
  • A man accidentally bumped into a woman whilst playing pool, yet the incident was met with a brutal beating by four police officers and several Taser shocks.
  • A man was walking down the street listening to music and was mistaken by officers for a rape suspect. Not being able to hear them due to his music, he was tasered and bitten viciously by a police attack dog.  His only crime was wearing similar clothing to the real perpetrator.
  • In Texas, three men jumped out of a van and grabbed a 12-year-old girl. They called her a prostitute as she screamed for her father. They covered her mouth and beat her face and throat, which hospitalized her. The three men were actually undercover police officers who choose the wrong house. However, three weeks after the event, the officers came to her school and arrested the girl for resisting arrest.
  • A hazy confrontation resulted in a guy preparing to get married being shot 50 times by three police officers.
  • Police stopped a man who they thought was a suspect in another incident. The officers yelled but the man did not hear them, as he was deaf but moments later, beanbags came flying through the car inuring the man. All this whilst he was yelling ‘I AM DEAF!’
  • Occupy protesters were staging a peaceful protest yet were pepper-sprayed and hit with batons and assaulted.
  • The first famous police brutality case was that of Rodney King.  He was tastered and beaten by LAPD cops and the resulting fallout came in the form of riots.

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