Gay Bomb - Weird Weaponry

Gay Bomb – Weird Weaponry

Here are some weird weaponry which either exist or some countries had plans to create them. These weird facts are going to blow your mind away for sure. Read on.

Gay Bombs

Have you heard about Gay Bombs, which are also known as halitosis bomb? These are a type of bombs which United States Air Force research laboratory was speculated about producing. The specialty of these bombs is, once it is dropped it will induce sexual attraction between the enemy army personals. The process involved discharging female sex pheromones over the enemy forces. Now think about a lot of men who’re attracted to each other, fighting a war?

Bat Bombs

Another weird weaponry from United States army forces – Bat Bombs. Pretty weird name for a bomb ain’t it? Now when you understand its working, you will know the name is the best name for this kind of weaponry anyone can think of. The idea behind this weaponry is pretty simple, attach bombs to bats which can be detonated remotely. The bomb and the idea was developed by Lytle S. Adams, a friend of First Lady of US during the time of World War II who was also a dental surgeon. Now the reasons to choose bats as carriers of these bombs are also pretty simple. Bats can carry more than their own weight. Bats travel at night and by day time, they would have found a place to stay which is normally corners of large buildings where day light will not reach. Now once the bats reach these buildings and rest during the day time, US Army can detonate these bombs remotely to create a widespread chaos in Japan. President Roosevelt had approved this idea, but the idea was not used in the war as Atomic Bombs were used and the war ended.

Who Me? Weapon

Now this weapon is really a disgusting weapon created by US army forces. It was a sulfurous stench weapon which included pocket atomizers. These pocket atomizers were used to spray sulfurous chemical on German Officers to humiliate him in front of everyone. The weaponry was not usable and the experiment was very shot-lived ie, 2 weeks to be exact, as the person who did the spraying ended up smelling as bad as the one targeted.

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