Weird Weapons

Weird Weapons

I really hope you liked the first part of the series Weird Facts About Weaponries which I posted a while ago! This is the second part of the series and this too will be an interesting read.

Dog Bombs:

What would you do if you saw a really hungry dog is barking and coming to you? And worst of all what if it had some kind explosive tied to it? Well, this is the same feeling what German soldiers experienced when the found some dogs tied with explosives were braking and running towards them. Soviet Union trained their dogs to find food under tanks after isolating them without giving any food for some days. They used these dogs and tactics to destroy German tanks. They would keep the dogs without giving them any food for a few days and then release them to an on coming German tanks. So just like they trained they would think that food is under the Tanks and would go to search food under the tanks. At that time the Soviet Army would detonate the bombs which are tied to the dogs. The tank will be destroyed completely as the armor is much less on the tank’s bottom part.

Exploding Rats:

Just like the name suggests, these rats which were filled with a lot of plastic explosives. The British Army used this tactics for using it against Germany in the time of World War II. But German intercepted the first attempt itself and captured all of those rats and deactivated them. The plan was dropped soon after and the German military schools conducted exhibitions to show how these thing works and to detect further similar attacks.

Cat Bombs:

If it was dogs for Soviet Union, United states used cats for carrying bombs. Sadly like the British Army this plan also didn’t work as it supposed to. The plan was to drop cats near an enemy deck/ship from the sky using a plain, and then hope the cats will try to find enemy ducks/ships and climb it to drain the water off from their body. The plan never worked as the cats went unconscious soon after they were dropped.

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