Some Funny Divorce Stories

Divorces are often sad, and it might make others feel sorry too. But some stories are so funny that, instead of feeling sorry, you might feel better and end up saying, “this made my day”! Here are some divorce stories and its aftermath. Keep in mind, all these really happened and were reported by at least one new paper.

I want my Kidney back:
People often ask their ex to return the gifts they interchanged when they were in good relationship. Its not common but still it happens a lot. But it will not be easy to give it back in all the cases. See here one Surgeon from Long Island gave his Kidney to his wife when they were in the bonds of marriage. But soon after their divorce, he asked it back. Would you consider doing it, if you were in the same situation? I can say I will NOT!

Let’s split everything into Half:
Now some people would like to spit everything into half after their divorce from a really long marriage. It does makes sense doesn’t it? But tell me, if this makes sense: Moeun Sarim sawed his house into half after his divorce with his wife of 18 years. Splitting the normal stuffs is ok, but a sawing down a house?

I married you, not your mother:
In laws are often a pain in the a** right? Well this bride too thought the same. The Groom was so fond of his mother that he invited her to go with them to the newly-weds honeymoon. This ended up in their divorce!

My pet bird asked me to divorce you, So I am divorcing you!
This is a pretty strange story. One pet bird this couple was having, started to say stuffs like, “be patient”, “divorce” etc. Now the women went ahead and divorced him because she thought he was cheating on her and the bird was expressing this! Seriously wtf?

So did you like this funny divorce stories? Let me know if you know any other similar stories via the comment section below!

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