Some Life Saver Facts Worth Knowing

I have been thinking about writing this article for a long time, but sadly I didn’t have enough facts to include unlike now. Now that I have enough facts to call it an average sized article, I present you this – The life saver facts which might help you to save a life, be yours’ or others’. Believe me, these facts are worth knowing.

1. Escaping from Riptide

Escaping from riptide is very difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The only thing you have to remember is that you have to swim parallel to the shore and not against the riptide itself. Riptides are inevitably stronger than you are as a swimmer and if you fight against it, it WILL take you down and you will probably drown. But if you swim parallel to the shore, sooner or later you will reach beyond the riptide and then you can swim to the shore.

2. Crying for help the right way

If you’re in difficult situation asking for help is normal and people are most likely to help you. But if you’re in a life threatening situation, you can’t just leave anything for chances. So if you want to get help, you got to be pointing people out. Try and call out specific people (e.g. scream “You with the red shirt, help me, I’m being mugged) instead of just screaming generally (e.g. “Help! I’m being mugged”). If you ask for help generally, people will assume someone will help you and you might end up without getting help from no one.

3. What to do if someone is stabbed or is punctured by a sharp object

The best thing to do in this situation is to leave the object inside itself. This way the object will block the blood from spilling out. If you pull it out, nothing is blocking the blood and it will bleed excessively. But you have to keep the person from moving as this may create bigger cuts inside his/her body.

Now if the object is already removed, get a cloth and place it on the stab entry. Apply pressure until the ambulance arrives. Don’t remove that piece of cloth even if it gets all bloody and blood starts to leak. Get another cloth, put it on top of the old cloth, and keep applying pressure. Removing the first cloth destroys any clotting progress. It takes more than 15 minutes for a wound to clot.

4. How to create a Flotation Device from Pants to float on the water effortlessly

For this to work you have to be wearing a jeans or pants with a clothing material which doesn’t leak water easily. So if you’re stranded on water and you don’t think you will be able to swim through it to reach the shore, just don’t lose your hope.

First of all, take off your jeans and keep it in front of you. Tie the legs together in a knot down by the ankles. Hold the jeans by the front part near the zipper and put it over your head and go under the water. This will create an air bubble in the legs of the jeans. Keep the waist part under water and grab pull the tied legs around your neck. This will make a makeshift life jacket. You can then blow air through the inseam of your jeans to keep it inflated. Here is a video which explains this:

5. Got a bad feeling about something?Probably something bad IS going to happen!

There are too many crime victims who said, I knew something was wrong or I knew something was not right before it happened etc. So believe your instincts and intuitions. Don’t discount those gnawing feelings in your gut, way too many people ignore these signals and become crime victims.

6. Vehicle stuck on train track?

So lets say your vehicle got stuck on the train track and you managed to get out of the vehicle before the train arrives. Now you have to run away from the vehicle and towards the direction from where the train is coming.  If you run in the same direction as the train is traveling, you will be standing where the debris of your former car lands.

7. Best possible shot while being attacked!

This is not the movies, so counter attacking a person by punching on his/her torso, is the most stupid thing you can do unless you are a trained martial arts person. Your best bet is to punch or hit as hard as you can in the attackers’ groin, eyes or ears. This will leave your attacker surprised and probably disoriented from the pain. Now run and scream as fast and loud as you can.

8. Walking down the stairs

Never ever walk down/up the stairs with your hands in your pockets. If you lost your balance, you’re more likely to to facepalm onto the stairs, while you struggle to get your hands out of your pockets.

9. Identify stroke symptoms

One thing you have to remember is “the sooner a stroke is identified and treated, the better.”

Here is how you can identify stroke:

    1. Ask the person to smile. If one side droops, it is a stroke indicator.
    2. Ask the person to raise both arms. If one arm doesn’t seem to want to stay up this is an indicator of stoke.
    3. Garbled or confused speech, or slurring could indicate a stroke.

Once you have identified it, call for an ambulance, there is nothing you can do really other than this. But remember the quicker you get him/her to the hospital, the better.

10. Neuroblastoma

If you see any photo of yours or any of your relatives with just one red eye from the flash, its a good idea to check for neuroblastoma. It is a type of eye cancer. In most cases it might be because of a flash gone wrong or something like that, but its best to make sure.

11. Lost in the woods?

Best thing to do if you’re lost in the woods is to wait for your friends to send up a rescue team, especially if you’re not a professional. You have to prioritize things before you start doing anything.

  • Air – This comes first.
  • Shelter – If you’re lost in the woods, it is best to find a safe place before start going to look for food and water.
  • Water – You can survive almost 3 days without water if you’re not doing any tiring stuff.
  • Food – If you’re lost in the woods for more than a week, you should start go looking for food.

If you’re not rescued even after 2 days, just try to find a slope(not too steep obviously) and  go downhill. You’ll end up moving towards a river. You’ll then have water. You can continue along the river if possible, and you’ll probably get to a town. Being said that, don’t go extreme slopes where you’ll break your legs, or don’t go into a crevice for any reason. Just try to go around if anything like these comes.

12.911/112 – Emergency calls

Even if you don’t have a sim or network coverage, you can dial 112 or 911 for contacting the police in any emergency situation.

13. Mixing bleach and ammonia does not make a super cleaner

Don’t mix bleach and ammonia ever. Mixing this will create a lot of  toxic chemicals which can be fatal to all the people who might be standing near you while you’re mixing them. The best practice is, mixing water with bleach and nothing else.

14. At an open field during a thunderstorm?

You shouldn’t be on an open field during a thunderstorm. But what if you’re already there and you can’t find a shelter? Your best chance of surviving is by crouching on the ground on your tip-toes and touching your heels together. It is a good idea to cover your ears as hard as you can as well.

15. Breathable air in a burning building

If you’re caught up in a burning building filled with smoke, just get low. The breathable air will be there.

16. self-Heimlich

If you start to choke yourself by swallowing something big and no one is helping you, your best bet is to self-Heimlich. For this lean over a table edge, chair, or railing. Quickly thrust your upper belly area (upper abdomen) against the edge. Do this until the choking object comes out.

16 life saving tips and facts worth knowing – I hope you enjoyed reading this and get to help someone with your newly processed knowledge before something bad happens. If you have anything to add to it, do let us know by commenting below. Like always, do share this with your friends and you will make us happy!

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