Some Weird Laws From All Around The World

Every country on earth has laws. You find some of them to be way too strict, some way too rude, etc etc. But how often do you come across a law that is plain stupid, or totally weird? Well, in this post I am going to write about some weird laws from all around the world. Hope you enjoy these laws.;)

  • If you’re in Denmark, you will be jailed if you burn flags of any foreign country. Thats not weird, I know. But what about burning Denmark’s flag while you’re in Denmark. Well that’s not illegal in Denmark to burn the Dannebrog, Denmark’s national flag, and this makes the law weird. =P
  • Almost all the countries have a classification board which is responsible for classifying or editing (if needed) of the films, videos, games, publications etc. Its often that they hit the major news papers with their actions. But it happens rarely that they come up on the news just because they had a weird law, ain’t it? But the Australian Classification Board is an exception and made it to the major news papers with their one special law. The law that gives them the power to ban small breasted pornography.
  • We all are fans of fashion and its obvious that everyone has their own choice and likings. Some people like Classic style, some people like vintage, some others are fans of Hipster etc.  And most governments don’t have laws against any particular fashion styles. But Russia is an exception. Russian government made a law that prohibits you from wearing EMO type dresses and styles to public places like schools, or government buildings. The reasoning for this law is even weirder. Government thinks EMO styles is a threat to national stability and the increase in the number of teen suicides in Russia is because teens wear EMO style clothing.
  • Another style related law is from Iran. Iran government has a pre-approved list for the types of Haircuts. Its illegal to get a haircut in Iran if that type is not listed in the approved list. How can laws be more weird?
  • Now are you thinking pre-approved list for hair cuts is weird? What about a pre-approved list for baby names? Well this weird law is from Denmark. Denmark has a list of 24000 names which are pre-approved and new born babies’ names should be selected from this list!
  • Saudi government makes it illegal to sell any gifts or materials which are in red color or it represents the symbol of romance on valentines day.  So in reality you cannot sell or buy anything which is in red color on valentines day. Well I don’t know where I will get my daily dosage of strawberries on valentines day!:(
  • Our final weird law is from China. Straight to the point – Jasmine if banned in China. Yes, you heard it right, the flower is banned in China, because the government thinks that Jasmine could start a revolution, thanks God they didn’t realize that people start revolution and banned people outright! . Along with the flower itself and the plant, the word is also banned!

So that’s all for now. After writing all these things, my state of mind is somewhat weird now. How about you? Do you have more weird fact to share? Let us know your thoughts or any other facts you would like to share, via our comments section below!

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