Well here goes one for Cheers! Why do people say ‘Cheers!’ before drinking?
One point of view is that in order to enjoy an experience wholly one would use all senses. When enjoying a drink or two one can see it, feel it, taste it and smell it but can’t hear it.
By clinking the glasses and saying cheers, we complete …the experience. Or so the legend goes!
Another point of view is that, When many persons join together to celebrate, they raise a toast or cheer to show their oneness of feelings and to express that they are in it together.

Another one: When ‘cheers’ is said, glasses are raised upwards (heavenward?), and a ‘good wish’ is traditionally said. So these customs appear to have originated with offerings of alcoholic libations to the gods, and to the requests to the gods, or to fate or fortune, for good health and blessings.